After getting chased by the Buffalo at Iteri Masjid (click on this if you want read my earlier adventure).I started to move towards the next monument,which was Kevada Masjid. I had the google map opened on my phone so I knew how far I had to go. However to the credit of the administration they have put up the sign board for direction to Kevada Masjid. 
Signboard of Kevada Masjid 
All alone (as this was my solo trip) with only the silence of the wilderness I walked on and suddenly after few minutes of walk, I felt I saw a fleeting figure cross my path, my heart was in my mouth for a second. I was pretty sure that something has indeed whizzed past in front of me, so holding my breath and clinging to my camera I moved forward gingerly.
The lonely Trail


I could almost hear my heart thumping and I was cursing under my breath at my foolhardiness to venture out solo here. The thing in the bushes moved again and from the corner of my eyes I stole a glance and saw the figure! One look and I heaved a sigh of relief because it was a Peacock ! 
A little more walk and I had my first glimpse of this lovely Kevada Masjid.  
First Glimpse of Kevada Masjid
For me the most interesting thing was to see Mosque and a Cenotaph together in one enclosure.With my limited knowledge I always associated Mosque with Islamic culture and Chatris or Cenotaphs with Indian culture hence this was indeed something new for me.
The Cenotaph

I clicked these pictures from outside of the fenced compound and could see a lone caretaker sitting there. He saw me climbing the fence and was about to shout, but stopped when he realised that I was not jumping over it but only trying to get a good angle for my picture. I waved at him and asked as to where the actual entrance to the compound is. He pointed the direction and I came over to the main entrance.

Signboard at the entrance

As this Masjid comes under Champaner UNESCO world heritage site, I must say its very well maintained by the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India).When I reached the main gate surprisingly the gate was latched,but not locked hence I opened it to enter. I was wondering, that had I not seen the caretaker sitting under the Cenotaph, there was every possibility that I would have checked it out from outside the fence and gone away.

Just as one enters the compound, we see a gigantic Cenotaph but not before climbing few to the steps there is a water tank. But unfortunately it was fully dried up.

Stairs leading to the Cenotaph and the mosque


Kevada Masjid is a rectangular plan masjid with a double storeyed main prayer hall which was built during the reign of Mahmud Begda (1458-1511 AD).


Front of  Kevada Masjid

There are two minarets on either side of the central arched entrance which has intricate cravings where niches are filled with floral and geometrical designs.

Two minarets on either side of the central arched entrance

Imposing Minarets

There are windows on both the sides, next to the Minarets and these windows are provided with a designed brackets.

Windows on both sides of entrance


Intricate Carvings on pillars

Floral Designs

Bracketed balcony on the windows

Some more beautiful designs.

In its original form the mosque had three domes built above the prayer hall.

The largest central dome built above the prayer hall had collapsed.

Collapsed dome

but if you ask me, this collapsed dome was highlight of this Mosque, after all it gives you a fantastic angle to shoot the  photo 😍😍😍😍 . Believe me the photo shown below was one of the reason I was here 😃



In the prayer hall I saw this niche in the wall with floral design around it, Though I was in the mosque but the design had more of hindu culture.

Niche with floral designs

It was time to move out so I bid adieu to the Kevada Masjid but not before clicking few last pictures of the towering Cenotaph.

Towering Cenotaphs

My next destination was Nagina Masjid. Stay tuned for my next blog on that. Thank you for reading my blog 


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