I was simply amazed as to how my time passed away strolling through the courtyards and corridors of this amazing Jodhabai Palace.( Click on this link to read the earlier Part 1) The place left me spell bound.I came out from the large gate and moved for the further exploration of the Fatehpur Sikri complex.

As soon as I walked out of the Palace and took a left, I was almost taken by this awesome sight of large courtyard nestled among the different red sandstone structures all around me.

Awesome sight of large courtyard opens up in front of me

If you look at the picture above, you will notice a Life size board to play the game of Pacchisi or a precursor of Ludo game and at the back  of it in the background is the Diwan-e-Khaas. So from here we moved towards the Diwan-e-Khaas. Let us see, what it has to show us.

Standing here facing the Diwan-e-Khaas you realise how big and beautiful is the entire complex.


Diwan-e-Khaas is a unique structure in this entire complex of Indo – Islamic architecture,raised on the square platform. outwardly giving the appearance of double storied building. It consist of a single vaulted chamber open from floor to roof,with an opening on each of the four side of the centre square.The next prominent thing one notice is the Pillar in the centre of the room.Talking of the pillar, it must be said its so richly carved and designed that one simply cannot help marveling at it.

Richly designed central Pillar of Diwan-e -Khas

A closer look of the richly carved central pillar

I was told that the central platform attached to this pillar was the seat of the emperor Akbar and my reply to that was Bhai yeh baat kuch hajam nahi hui. (Sometimes we have to take the stories of the guides with pinch of salt) and the galleries above are believed to be seats of ministers and nobles.Somehow I felt that  galleries were too narrow.( Ministers must be feeling themselves to be in tight spot ).Whatever the discomfort for ministers, for me a view from below gave an impressive image of the gigantic central carved pillar with the viewing galleries. Aap bhi ek look lelo bhai 

A view from below of the galleries and,the central pillar

How I wish I could make your life easier when it comes to understanding history but it is not to be, Har aadmi ke pass ek nayi kahani hai to tell you. If I go through the Stone Plaque placed outside this Diwan-e-khaas  It says that This room was called as Diwan -e-Khaas (Hall of Private audience), then it also mentions it as IBADAT KHANA (Hall for Religious Discourses), and then some people consider it to be a hall used for TULADANA ( Weighing Ceremony) of Emperor and Prince on Persian New Year.In fact the Plaque mentions this as Treasury room with Diwan-e-khaas written in Bracket.( I was like Akbarji aap ke pass itna maal tha teen alag room hi banwa lete, Ab kar diya na confusion)

Another view of the pillar.

 Though the room does’t have much ornamentation but yet the central pillar simply takes your breath away with its beauty. One small info on this pillar, it has 36 brackets in three tier circular layers as you can see above and just like this central pillar there are matching pillars in the corners of this room.

I went into this structure with the info that I shall be visiting Diwan-e-Khaas lekin bahar nikala with ek per do ka offer 

Oh History ! I am simply loving it. 

Well time to move on to our next Surprise !!!

Link to the earlier Part 1 Fatehpur Sikri | Part 1 | Jodhabai Palace

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