It was almost 5;30 pm when we finished with our omkareshwar temple (You can click on this link to read about the visit to Omkareshwar) darshan we moved towards the banks of river Narmada to take a boat and ferry across the other side of the river to reach Mahamaleshwar Temple, As I had mentioned that the Yatra of Omkareshwar is not complete unless you pay your respects to both the temples.


Two minutes ferry ride

The ferry ride is hardly of two minutes and for which you have to shell out Rs 10 per head.(Travel Tip: The boat guy will tell you 20 Rs. per head or any amount like full boat so drive hard bargain. India surely can make you hard bargain master).

One can easily reach the Mahamaleshwar temple by walking on the bridge, so taking boat is not mandatory. But when I am travelling I want to absorb the fun of each method of transportation. Setting sun and the golden sheet of the river enriched the ambiance of the place. 


Ambiance drenched in gold


As I said, the boat ride was very very short and we soon touched the banks of Narmada on Mamleshwar side. Standing on this side one can absorb the richness of the religious India, ancient India, towering on other side is the prominent Omkareshwar temple and behind it the Omkareshwar Palace.(which I missed visiting this time around)

Omkareshwar Temple with Omkareshwar Palace behind it.

We offered the prayer to Narmada river, and started our walk towards the market at the end of which is the Mamleshwar  temple situated.

Market place through which one gets to the Mamleshwar temple.

The sun was sinking fast and I was worried that I wont be able to capture the pictures of the temple. We looked less like a tourist and more like runners especially with my daughter,my wife and myself dashing around to reach the temple.

Family of Road runners

Under the dimming sunlight we entered the Mamleshwar Temple. Believe me I found this temple more rich in architecture and intricate carvings and sculptures. 


Mamleshwar Temple Complex

The temple as you can see is housed in a huge complex with a main temple at the beginning and surrounded around it small clusters of temples.

Small temples around the main Sanctum 

We entered the main sanctum and paid our respect to jyotinlinga of Mamleshwar.

Shivling of Mamleshwar Temple

 Next I went to another temple next to the main temple the pujari told me it is called Vridhkaleshwar temple. 

Vridhkaleshwar Jyotiling with ancient relics around it


It also had a shivling. this temple was not as bright as the main temple. I had to use torch to click the picture.The temple had many ancient relics around the jyotiling and the entrance of the temple had very interesting sculptures. 

Interesting Sculptures



Once I finished with the temple and worshiping I moved on to the something that I love, of course capturing the beauty of ancient carvings and sculptures. Come and have an eyeful along with me.






It was now dark and I knew I will have to hurry to reach the Bus stand, if I had to catch the last bus from Omkareshwar bus stand which the auto guy told me leaves at 7.30 pm. If I missed that bus then I would have to again take bus or auto to Sanawad and from there to Indore.Luckily for me I was on time to catch one bus earlier to that, it a different matter that as the bus was full so we got to sit in the driver’s cabin…..well someone once told me the best view is always from the front. Musafir hoon yaaro so anything goes.

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