Naneghat Revisted !!!

It is not very often that I repeat my treks however some treks are so endearing that your heart yearns to revisit them, Naneghat is one such place which I would love to do over and over again. Perhaps this was the reason that the moment I received  invitation from Mask Group to trek to Naneghat without thinking for a second I confirmed my reservation with them.

Who needs an invitation to be here !!!

 Rains since last few days has been playing the game of hide and seek,suddenly it starts to pour and one gets the feeling that monsoon has arrived but then suddenly the days become hotter with sunlight making its uninvited presence.But still overcoming all these dilemma I said to myself rain or no rains I am going to Naneghat. So finally I was on my way.

Aaj kal pao zameen per nahi padhte mere…dying to be here

So Sunday morning as usual brought the whiff of excitement of new trek. We left our house quite early. The daylight has still not broken through the skyline and it was dark , aur hamara sath dene ke liye sirf galli ke kutte hi the. This time the rendezvous was not Railway station but 

on the Western Express highway because the organizers had arranged for Pvt bus. Once I reached the highway I called up the organizer to know the position of the bus but to my dismay I was informed that the bus is late by half an hour. Abe ek  bomb se recover kar raha tha ki doora bomb gira I was informed that some of the participants are also running late.

Trek Bus journeys are something to be experienced …Crazy Man, You’ll go nuts !!!

Ek toh bus late upar per se bus ke yatri bhi late now that’s what I call Double  Whammy. Anyway Sadhak ki footpath per baitha hua mai aur mera parivar…My what a comic sight it was ..per yeh sab to trek per chalta hi rahta hai….

The bus arrived and we moved on and just like BEST bus it kept on picking up participants at every stop and the best part is that this pick up activity went on till the Shahad Station.

The happy faces tells you all…

What I like about this pick ups is that that at each stop there is many a time the suspense that at the next stop who will be the new participants and if we are lucky many a time we meet some of our past co-trekker. School ka re union saalo bad hota hai per yahan to almost har Sunday is as good as reunion. Whenever a new trekker boards the bus he/she brings with them new happiness.Har chere me ek nayi khusi mahsoos hoti can feel the positive vibes oozing.

Everyone has a Tale to narrate!! we call it Trek Tales !!!

Once everyone was aboard the real fun began. Mask Group who were organizing this trip was very buoyant after all it was their Anniversary Trek, Some guys were cracking jokes, Om sir and me were catching up on our trek stories. The Mask gang as usual were making merry singing songs . one thing I always wonder how this Mayank and Kapil Gang manage to sing Thrash shit song and convert it into smash hit songs… crazy atmosphere ..If someone ask me how I felt I would simply say I am loving it !!!

Our team and we all are loving it !!!

We took a small break to have snacks and tea. sometimes these break also allows you the opportunity to break the ice .As there is nothing available at the base village so some of the guys packed their lunch of parathas from here.

Naneghat entrance is very much visible from the highway on the right side of the road.

 Once we reached the Naneghat entrance which is very much visible from the highway on the right side of the road.Everyone huddled into a circle waiting for the instructions and introduction round

Introductions which everyone always forget….mostly

 but what was this ..oh!! Mayank suddenly conjured a plastic bag and out appeared a cake out of it . Yes Mask was celebrating their anivearsary trek in style par yeh kya ….Breaking news !!! Cake ka full circle me se i/4 portion gayab…ek pal aisa laga jaise Mantralaya me aag lagne se files gayab ki gayi thi kahi Mayank aur kapil ne hi to nahi cake gayab kar diya..lolz.

Arre cake pura round kyo nahi hai !!!
 Ask the Mask…Golmaal hai bhai golmaal hai

After finishing with the cake cutting ceremony and introduction round we started our trek. The initial portion of the trek is quite simple it is plain walk for about 2kms with green carpet of grass all around you and Nanecha Anguta towering above you .The climate was overcast till here.

Morning walk at Naneghat!!!

 Once this morning walk gets over we come across a small stream (which was dry this time ) crossing it we entered the forest  and after little walk through the forest we come across another stream( again dry this time too) from here we took little left and again walk into the forest. The trail is well marked so however hard you try you cannot lose your way here.

Frequent Breaks !!! highlight of this trek 

From here onwards the climb consist of mild ascent and then you come across a small clearing and after this another Plateau ( which was very fondly nicknamed as Platuuu). As there were lots of first time trekkers with us so the group was very generous at taking breaks. We were all suppose to take break at the platuuu but this elusive platuu aata hi nahi.and atlast when it did arrived everyone crashed out and relaxed as if they have made it to the top.We all broke into impromptu photo session. 

Photo at platuu

Once everyone was over with this break we all moved on. The climb from here gets steep and the stone way makes it more rigorous . Overcoming all the fatigue we halted midway to have Bird eye view  of lovely valley and from here our next halt was at the water tank. We all filled up our bottles here and moved towards the top. After trekking for another 20 minutes we reached the top. Here there is a big cave which can shelter around 50 people.Last year when I had come here the caves were in natural form but this time around they have converted it into Central jail. All natural beauty is totally screwed   up in the name of restoration.

Our hangout for the day…Naneghat caves
(should I say prison now)

We all enjoyed our lunch and then went through the famous Naneghat Pass where in earlier days of empirical raj the traders used to drop a coin in the large pot so as to pass from this route( aaj ke zamane ka toll tax) 

Man made grills and fencing..I am hating this !!!


Now this is the trade route where you pay your toll
View from the caves
Toll collection Pot of olden days

 Once you come across the pass the view in front of you for a second could puzzle you because after trekking for almost 3 hrs and reaching the top if you see a bus or a car at the top you may almost utter WTF . 

WTF from where did car have come from !!!

The reason we see that bus is because there is a way from junnar which is motorable and takes you right at the doorsteps of Naneghat. There is a small hill from this point

this is the hill we have to climb to reach the topmost point or on the tip of Nanacha Angtha

 The view from this top is beyond any description of words .Each photographs has a story to tell

Do I have to say anything

Everyone enjoying the breeze at the Top

Naneghat You made my Day !!!

After enjoying and freaking out we skidded down this hill on the top and finally the time came to say good bye to naneghat and we all started our descend. While descending it started to rain heavily due to which the way became more slippery

Slippery Stone Walk

Akshita and Ketaki
( I liked Ketaki  fb update Naneghat me Nani Yaad aa gayi)

For me getting down almost became a non event because I had a wonderful company of Jay Karia and Ketaki Ambekar. and my daughter. We kept on exchanging stories and in no time reached the base. In the meanwhile there were few casualties too , though of course of minor nature. Whereby Mayank knees were giving him pain and Arpit twisted his ankle but somehow ek dusre ko sambalte hua they made it to the base.

All in all Ma(a)sk kasam bada hi awesome trek tha

Thanks to all 

Special thanks to Jijesh Nair,Kevin Disilva and Praful Patne for the wonderful photos.

How to reach:

Our bus followed the simple route from Andheri to Thane via Dahisar –Kalyan- Murbad-Saralgaon-Tokawade and you are there at Naneghat Entrance.
Another way is that one can take local train to Kalyan Station from there one can take ST bus or Private jeep. Naneghat is very easily accessible as the board of Naneghat can be easily seen from the road.

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