Jodhpur Diaries is a tale of our 2 days visit to Jodhpur if you wish to read about about journey from the beginning Click here

we had just finished our visit of Mehrangarh Fort and while coming out of the fort we reached at the parking lot, as were thirsty, I bought a bottle of water and just when I was having water, far on the horizon I saw a beautiful white coloured monument, I was very curious to know what it was so I spoke to the police man who was standing near me as to what it was so he told me that it is Jaswant Thada , A burial ground of the royal family. After drinking water we moved out off the parking lot and started to walk towards this place.



Bye Bye Mehrangarh Fort


As the walk was mostly downhill so we didn’t feel the heat of the Sun (luckily the day was overcast but then you must be aware despite no sun overhead the heat is quite terrible in Rajasthan). We must have walked around 1 kilometre to finally reach Jaswant Thada, leaving behind us the mighty Mehrangarh Fort.


Mighty Mehrangarh Fort


The first thing that we noticed, as soon as we left the road and moved into the parking lot of Jaswant Thada was the imposing statue Rao Jodha the founder of Jodhpur, seated on a horse and pointing towards Mehrangarh Fort as if commanding the troops to move towards the fort.The statue looked truly Majestic.


Statue Of Rao Jodha – The founder of Jodhpur Pc: Om Prakash Sharma


There is an entry fee to enter Jaswant Thada, so we paid the amount and entered the complex and just as we entered ,on our right hand side we noticed a local musician playing Ektara( A musical instrument), The music was so magical, coming out from the quite atmosphere of the place, mixed with the chirping of sparrows. We couldn’t help stopping here for few moments and enjoy this small pleasure. We even had a small chat with the musician and also  clicked few pictures with him.



Trying to learn few notes…


On the pathway which goes towards the entrance of Jaswant thada , on our left side  we see a small beautiful lake. Though there was not much water in it yet it looked perfect in the setting of the things.


A small lake next to the Memorial.


The backdrop of the lake offered good frame to  click pictures  Ab hum log photo lene ka mauka thoda na chodenge.


Yaaro ko photo ka bahana chaiye !


We spent few peaceful moments here, before moving on to enter the complex. The redish brown coloured  stone  pillars on both the sides of the stairs going were indeed very beautiful,  Intricately carved pillars catch your eyes and in fact heighten the mood of expectations.



Beautifully carved Pillars


A little climb and we entered the garden of Jaswant Thada, upon entering this complex we were simply mesmerised by the beauty around us. The place looked so calm and serene with the lush green garden rolled out like a carpet. After the hectic climb of Mehrangarh Fort, a traveller can simply laze and spend few moments of rest and peace here. Of course not Rest in Peace just because it is a memorial for the dead


Beautiful garden where a traveler can rest for a while.


and from the garden we see a beautiful white marble monument towering over us, which almost took my breath away. and I exclaimed WOW ! what a beauty !


The beautiful white marble memorial 

The stairs and the white marble memorial for a backdrop , how can we miss this opportunity for clicking another perfect frame.



Ek perfect frame dosto ke sath

We took few more pictures here and again we climb few stairs from the garden to reach the memorial. 


Stairs to heaven should I say (Hey that’s my take)

This beautiful white marbled monument also known as Jaswant Thada, being named after Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. This monument was built by the Maharaja son in the year 1899.


The white marble still shines bright white even today. When we visited this monument , the entry to the monument room was closed, hence we were not able to go inside.


I was told that inside the room there are the pictures of the previous rulers of the Marwar. In fact I requested one one my friend who had visited earlier to share the picture of inside view which I am sharing below.


Inside view of the room of the Memorial; PC Santosh Misra

One very interesting thing that I noted was that the entire monument was built in a traditional Rajasthani style of architecture,however the domes of the monument seems to be inspired from the Mughal  architecture. 

Fusion of Rajasthani and Mughal Architecture


The white jhali type windows too looked quite amazing especially with white polished marble sheets which gives illumination kind of effect when the sunlight falls on them.

The checkered black and white terrace ahead of the memorial, which almost looked like a huge chess board  looks interesting and eye catching.

Black and white checkered terrace


The next interesting thing that you see from the top was the beautiful white Gazebo style Chatris  or Cenotaphs.


Three Cenotaphs


Before saying adieu to Jaswant Thada we spent some calm and beautiful moments gazing at the hillocks and the dark skies around us and then moving on to our next destination Umaid Bhawan Palace.

Jodhpur Diaries is a tale of our 2 days visit to Jodhpur if you wish to read about about journey from the beginning Click here

How To Reach Jaswant Thada?

Jodhpur  like Jaipur, Udaipur is one of the important destination in Rajasthan. Thus, you can find many buses, trains and other means of transportation to reach Jodhpur from any part of Rajasthan. Once you are inside Jodhpur city, you can find buses. Autos or taxis from any part of the city to reach Jaswant Thada.

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