Sunday was around the corner,so naturally I had to plan something to satisfy my wanderlust. Thus I planned a day trip to visit Rameshwar Temple at Chaul, Kulaba Fort Alibag, and Revdanda Fort near Revdanda beach.

During my last visit to Vasai Fort (click here to read my blog on vasai Fort) where I was accompanied by my friend Femina, She had told me that if I plan anything in near future then she would be interested in joining me for my next trip. Hence I called her up and she agreed to join me.

We took 5;38 am churchgate bound local train and it was 6,09 am when we reached Churchgate station. In order to reach Alibag one has to catch ferry from Gateway of India to Mandwa and from Mandwa there is a connecting bus till Alibag. We quickly started to walk down till gateway of India. A 15 -20 minutes of early morning brisk walk we were at Gateway of India

We bought the Ferry tickets which cost us Rs 120 per person. As it was very early in the morning so there was hardly anyone at Gateway of India. we took advantage of this and clicked few pictures and then moved on to the ferry section. There were hardly few people before us so we were soon whisked away in the ferry where we ensured that we get the top deck.

Eyeing the Top Deck of Ferry launch

The advantage of the top deck is that one can get fantastic view of morning sunrise with the blurring view of the Taj hotel and the majestic Gateway of India as the Ferry launch leaves the shores.The ferry launch  left by 6.54 am and we were on our way. The coolness and the calmness of the morning is always amazing and imagine if you throw in the sea to compliment it the whole atmosphere becomes electrifying.

The blurring Taj and Gateway of India as we leave the shores

Our ferry launch was moving forward cutting the sea, The music of Bangra rap was been played out and across the horizon the sun was beginning to make its presence felt. The view was simply mesmerizing. One can see the golden sheen on the waves of the sea.

Golden Glow of the morning

Its the kind of moment when you want everything to stop. As were launch moved we were surprised by our morning guest and yes they were none other than the lovely Seagull flapping their wings and encouraging us to give them food.

Seagulls chasing us
The time simply passed away watching the beauty of the morning, that I didn’t realize that our one hour plus journey is coming to an end and we have reached the Mandwa Jetty. We moved from the jetty to catch the connecting bus to Alibag. This bus ride lasted for 45 minutes so I thought of having a cat nap till we reach Alibag. 
Upon reaching Alibag , we went to auto stand where sharing autos go to revdanda. Luckily for us as one Sitara or big auto was standing at the auto stand and we were on our way to Rameshwar Temple. Again an auto ride of 20 minutes and we were at Rameshwar Temple. One can also take ST bus to Revdanda and get down at Chaul Naka to reach this temple.
First look of Rameshwar Temple

Rameshwar Temple is an ancient temple located in Chaul in Revdanda Maharashtra. Its an ancient temple of Lord shiva. I was given to understand that Chaul region is known for many temples.

Old temple but rebuilt again 

There are 365 temples in this region, One temple for one day I presume. This temple as per the local villager was built little in over a day by pandavas, however they couldn’t complete it  otherwise according to him it would be only temple like Kashi which was built in a day but they couldn’t complete it. Later, Kanhoji Angre, A Maratha Navy Admiral completed the remaining work.

Ruins behind the temple

One must visit an elaborate entombment behind the temple. It is said that the memorial belongs to one of the Angres.(Though I didn’t find any placard or sign saying so) There was only ASI board proclaiming that its a protected heritage site.


Ruins behind the temple

Rameshwar temple just like all Shiva Temples has Nandi in front of the main temple. 

Nandi in front of the temple

The temple complex is spread over a large acre of land. The temple dome stands 7.62 m tall. A huge pond is seen in front of the temple which is known as Pokhran.

Pokhran Pond

 There are two tall Deep jyoti stamb in front of the Temple. ( Its a tall pillar on which small lamps are kept and it adds to the illumination of the temple) 

Deep Stamb

Just as we enter the temple there is a large prayer hall supported by the colourful wooden pillars.

Colourful Pillars

Next to the prayer hall is another hall having arched pillars and  a shiviling in the center enclosed room.

Shivling in an enclosed room

and on the left side of the shivling room there is a Ganpati idol and on the right side there was Lord vishnu’s idol and there are three kunds.   

There is a huge pond outside the temple which gives it a grand looks. During the local festivals aartis are down along this pond.

It was now time for us to visit Revdanda fort which is only a kilometre away from this temple. We paid our respect to the gods and moved on.

Thanks for reading the blog and stay tuned to visit Revdanda Fort (Click on the link to read next part)and beach with me in my next blog.

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