You can read the first and the second part of this blog by clicking on the links given below:

Kukkuteshwara Swamy temple (Part-1)

Kunti Madhava Swamy Temple (Part-2)


After visiting Kukuteshwar Swamy temple and  Kunti Madhav temple we reached our last destination for the day, which was Sripada Srivallabha Temple. This temple was dedicated to Sripada Srivallabha, who was born in Pithapuram in 1320 AD and lived for only 32 years. He was a great saint who performed many miracles and taught people about spirituality and devotion. He left his physical body at Kuravapuram, ( which incidentally we are going to visit during our this trip ) but his padukas (footwear) were brought back to Pithapuram by his disciples and installed in this temple.

Me and my wife at Pithapuram


Generally my choice of visiting temples is more connected with the architecture aspects of the temple rather than the belief or spiritual aspects however as I said that this trip was more of a Tirth Yatra kind rather and not like my earlier trip of exploration. Though Shripad Shri Vallabh Temple is not a very Ancient Temple but as I said this time around I was driven to come here more because of the faith and belief in this saint. In fact my journey has got more to do with my desire to visit different temples of incarnations of Lord Dattateray. Incidentally Vallabh Swami is the first incarnation of the Lord Dattatrey so naturally I started from this temple

Idol of Lord Dattatreya, flanked by Sripada Sri Vallabha and Sri Nrisimha Saraswati.


Sripad Srivallabh Temple is hardly one km from the Pithapuram Railway station. If you don’t have much luggage , you can simply walk up to the temple. It is said that it was the birthplace of the Shripad Shri Vallabh ji. The approach to the temple is a small lane which is not enough for many cars to be parked. When once a person is inside the temple, then he / she will be taken by surprise at the innumerable number of pilgrims inside. Many devotees from Maharashtra and many parts the North visit this divine abode.

Enjoy a small video clip given below of our temple visit.



The temple was simple but elegant, with a white dome and a red flag on top. The small temple has the idol of Lord Dattatreya, flanked by Sripada Sri Vallabha and Sri Nrisimha Saraswati. All the idols are made of white marble. I felt a strong vibration as I entered the temple and saw the his smiling face of Sripada Sri Vallabhaji. I offered my respects to him and chanted his name silently in my heart.

Digambara Digambara Shripad Vallabh Digambara…..

Entrance of the Temple


Inside the temple we sat and meditated for some moments. Just then the local singers who sing bhajans of the lord started to sing the bhajans we too sat and enjoyed this blissful moments. We then moved out of the temple and saw few people lighting the diyas in front of Statue of Sripada Sri Vallabhaji in meditation pose under Audumbara tree.. We too followed and did the same. and came out of the temple.

Statue of Sripada Sri Vallabhaji in meditation pose under Audumbara tree.


Just next to the temple is the Dharamsala, which is run by the temple trust. This is a very good facility offered by the temple whereby you can get free accommodation. I was told that there are rooms too available as we were visiting only for a day so we were given a bed in the hall. Along the wall there are lockers which are allotted so that people staying in the hall can use them to keep their bags and belongings in them, attached to the hall  there are bathroom and toilets. Other than the accommodation the temple also has this hall where one can have prasadham.

Dharamshala just next to the temple.


We returned to the dharamsala where we had kept our bags in the locker. We emptied the locker and returned the keys at the temple and proceeded to catch the local bus to Kakinada Bus stand .Actually there is a back story to this as to why we are travelling to Kakinada Bus Stand, Well feeling little lazy to write in this part , will reveal our story in my next part which would be on our next destination, Srisailam Jyotiling.


Upon reaching Kakinada Bus stand we grabbed a quick south Indian dinner at the famous restaurant near the bus stand. As I boarded the bus, I looked back at Pithapuram and felt a pang of nostalgia. I had spent only a day in this town, but it had left a lasting impression on me. I had seen and felt the divine presence in every corner of this place. I had experienced a spiritual journey that I would never forget.

Myself, Mamta and Pratik , enjoying our southern meal.


I closed my eyes and recalled the images of the temples and the deities that I had visited. I felt a warm glow in my heart and a sense of gratitude in my mind. I thanked Pithapuram for its hospitality and blessings. I hoped to come back again someday and explore more of its wonders.

You can read the first and 2nd part of this blog by clicking on the links given below:

Kukkuteshwara Swamy temple (Part-1)

Kunti Madhava Swamy Temple (Part-2)

To read the next part of this blog Click here MALLIKAARJUN JYOTILING, SRISAILAM 

How to reach:

Temple is located  just around 1km away from the Pitapuram Railway Station.

By Road
Pitapuram is 16 km from Kakinada
10 km from Samalkota
72 km from Rajahmundry
157 km from vizag towards kathipudi
43Km from annavaram .

Road Transport
Every 10 minutes bus facility is available from Kakinada
Every 15 minutes bus facility available from samarlakot
Every one hour bus facility available from Rajahmundry
Every 30 minutes bus facility is available from Annavaram.

By Train
Nearby railway station is pitapuram.

By Air
Domestic airport nearby pitapuram is Rajahmundry and International Airport is Visakhapatnam.

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