In the first part of this series of blogs on my visit to Pithapuram, you read how we travelled from Mumbai to reach Pithapuram and we visited Sri Kukkuteshwar Swamy temple. (You can click on this link to read the first part).

We soon came out of the complex and took an auto to go to Sripad Shri Vallabh temple but we told the driver to take a small break enroute so that we can visit Kunti Mahadev temple. This temple actually is hardly 850 metres away from Kukkuteshwar Temple (you can simply walk and go) so in few minutes we were at the gates of Kunti Mahadev temple.

Kunti Madhava Swamy temple is one of the Pancha Madhava temples.

The other four Madhava temples being

♦  Bindu Madhava of Varanasi,

♦  Venu Madhava of Prayaga,

♦  Sethu Madhava of Rameshwaram and

♦  Sundara Madhava of Tiruvananthapuram.

Temple Trails : Rameshwaram from Morning to Afternoon


Kunthi Madhava Swamy Temple Pithapuram

Kunti Madhava Swamy is an ancient temple believed to have been worshipped by Sita-Rama in Tretayuga and Kunti Devi in Dwaparayuga. In 12th century, King Prudveeswara’s mother Joyambica constructed a prakara wall for this temple. Many rulers, followed by Pithapuram Zamindars, gave lands to the temple. Inscriptions give the history of various rulers who patronized the temple. It is a small but peaceful temple having a Prakara Mandapam.


Kunthi Madhava Swamy Temple Pithapuram – History 

From the earliest inscriptions, it is known that this region was ruled by Chandragupta of the Maurya dynasty. Later Pallavas ruled during the 3rd Century A.D. In the 6th Century, Chalukyas took control over this region. Later this temple came under the attack of Muslim rulers who looted the wealth of this temple. This temple was rebuilt in the 17th century by the Padmanayaka rulers.

Temple Trails | Airavateswara Temple | Day 3

Legends connected with the temple :

As per the Legends, Chitraketu was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. He was taught about the Spiritual truths by the serpent king Adi Sesha during his tough times. Chitraketu became proud as Adi Sesha himself visited his house. While leaving his palace, Adi Sesha gifted him with a Vimana to fly around. Chitraketu while passing through Mount Kailash he noticed that Lord Siva had kept his arm around Parvati Devi. On seeing this Chitraketu smiled and said that you are embracing Mother Parvati in front of Ganas. Angered Parvati cursed Chitraketu to take birth as a demon, Chitraketu apologised for his ignorance and politely accepted the curse.

Chitraketu took the birth as the demon Vritrasura to the Prajapati Tvashta, who was a sage with great powers. Vritrasura performed strict penance and got the boon from the Lord that no weapon known till then could kill him and no weapon could harm him which is made out of wood and metal and he would not die whether wet or dry. He is also granted power which keeps increasing during the battle. Vritrasura with all his powers dethroned the Indra, God of heaven. Indra to regain control over Heaven, created a weapon ‘Vajra Yudha’ from the bones of the Sage Dadichi and used seafoam which is neither wet nor dry. Indra killed the demon and regained control over the Indralok. To get rid of the Sin of Killing a Brahmin, he installed five Vishnu Idols by the name ‘Pancha Madhava’ at 5 different places which are Kasi, Prayag, Padmanabha, Pithapuram and Rameswaram.
Later, during Dwaparayuga, When Pandavas were exiled from the kingdom, Kunti, the mother of Pandavas prayed here for the Lord Vishnu and the Lord appeared to her and blessed Kunti. Hence, the shrine is popular by Kunti Madhava Swamy Temple.

Kunthi Madhava Swamy Temple Pithapuram – Types of Pooja

♦ Morning Hours:   Suprabhatham, Theerthapu Bindhe, Archana, Sahasranamarchana, Balabhogam
♦ Afternoon Hours: Archana, Balabhogam
♦ Evening Hours:    Archana, Dhoopa Seva, Asthana Seva, Bhajan, Pavalimpu Seva.

We spent some time at this peaceful temple, the outer courtyard is very neat and clean. As you enter the temple the first thing you notice is an imposing deep stambh of brass , shining bright and just ahead of this is the main temple, Photography like most temples in India and South in particular is not allowed. We paid our respect to the lord and came out of the temple to board the auto had we had hired from Kukktreshwar Temple.

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How to reach:

Temple is located on the outskirts of Pitapuram (very near to National Highway)

By Road
Pitapuram is 16 km from Kakinada
10 km from Samalkota
72 km from Rajahmundry
157 km from vizag towards kathipudi
43Km from annavaram .

Road Transport
Every 10 minutes bus facility is available from Kakinada
Every 15 minutes bus facility available from samarlakot
Every one hour bus facility available from Rajahmundry
Every 30 minutes bus facility is available from Annavaram.

By Train 
Nearby railway station is pitapuram.

By Air
Domestic airport nearby pitapuram is Rajahmundry and International Airport is Visakhapatnam. 


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